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Lesley Munro

Lesley Munro



I am a Registered Homeopath (RSHom), qualified Reflexologist (GSSR) and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (MFHT). Before my complementary health career, I was a social worker (CQSW) specialising in work with children and their families. As a Registered Homeopath, I work to the code of ethics of The Society of Homeopaths and have a commitment to ongoing learning and personal development.


My interest in homeopathy grew from the early health problems of my eldest daughter who developed glue ear and had recurrent ear infections. I chose to consult a Homeopath rather than use grommits and long-term antibiotics. I am committed to supporting the long term health of children which often starts by supporting women to have as healthy a pregnancy and as natural a birth as is possible for them.

Both my children have been brought up with Homeopathy as their main form of healthcare and I used Homeopathy to support me through the pregnancy and birth of my youngest daughter.


I had a classical Homeopathic training but have since completed extensive post-qualifying training. This has enabled me to develop a more contemporary and eclectic approach to prescribing remedies which attempts to take account of the pace of modern life and the many stresses and strains which undermine our health and well-being.

I am concerned that for many people their “health” is dependent on the regular use of steroid creams, inhalers and antibiotics. During my 24 years of practice, I have learned that Homeopathy and Reflexology have much to offer in enabling people to take back control of their physical health and emotional well-being.

Partnerships in health

It is my aim to work in partnership with you to enhance your health. Our consultation time will give us the opportunity to explore and identify the key issues which may be blocking your path to health.

I consider a multi-disciplinary approach to be the optimal way of sustaining health and I co-work with a number of complementary health care professionals at Mulberry House.

Both Homeopathy and Reflexology can be used in conjunction with the health care offered by your GP practice.

Lesley Munro

Lesley Munro


Contacting Lesley:

I am based in Edinburgh and consult both online and from:
21 Manor Place,
t: 0131 225 2012
e: contactlesleymunro@gmail.com

Workshops In Edinburgh for:

  • Homeopathic First Aid
  • Homeopathy for Babies and Children
  • Alternative Menopause
  • Homeopathy for Childbirth
  • Infant Health and First Aid