The Consultation

What should I expect?

During the consultation, I will ask you about yourself, your lifestyle, medical history and symptom picture. Because a full history is vital to my understanding of your situation, the initial consultation is a double session.

It is my aim to work in partnership with you to enhance your health. Our consultation times will give us the opportunity to explore and identify the key issues which may be blocking your path to health.

After carefully considering all of the information which you share with me, I will then select a remedy which best matches your symptoms and individual characteristics. This remedy will be given as a catalyst to help your body make a re-balancing response. Symptoms and remedies will continue to be reviewed throughout the follow-up consultations.

The number of consultations you require will vary according to your symptoms and the length of time you have had them. It is important to remember that Homeopathy can be used on an ongoing basis to support your long term health even if you are on medication from your GP.

Children’s Consultations

Children’s consultations are very flexible and I will often spend time observing the child at play in my room. This gives me a considerable amount of information which then informs my remedy prescription. Information of a sensitive nature or anything you do not wish to discuss in front of your child can be shared with me separately by phone, letter or email.

Dispensing Service

A dispensing service is available from my clinic at Mulberry House through Mulberry House Homeopathics.  Higher potency homeopathic remedies for labour, specially made soft remedies for babies, and flower essence combinations are just some of the personalised remedies which can be made to order. Please contact me if you wish to find out more about this service.

Cancellation Policy

I understand that unexpected events or illness can sometimes occur that prevent you from keeping your appointment. If you need to make changes ahead of your appointment, please be in touch with me or the clinic at least 24 hours beforehand so that someone else can have the benefit of your place.

If you find that you can’t come within 24 hours of the arranged time, then I may have to make a charge as fees are incurred in renting my room and it may not be possible to offer this space to another client at short notice.

The fee for short notice cancellation is £25. Missed appointments are charged at full fee.



  • Initial Homeopathy Consultation £92
  • Follow-up consultation £67
  • Homeopathic Birth Kit Consultation £86
  • Pregnancy Consultation £67
  • Reflexology treatment £60
  • Deluxe Reflexology treatment £68
  • Combined Homeopathy & Reflexology £95

Children under 12 yrs:

  • Initial Homeopathy Consultation £65
  • Follow-up Consultation £56
  • Reflexology £55

Young person 12 -16 yrs:

  • Initial Homeopathy Consultation £70
  • Follow-up Consultation £60